Help me please!?!

I have the worst hair in the world. It is very thick and tends to frizz and curl. I have a hair straightener that works well but only about twenty minutes after I straighten it my hair curls again. Are there any products I can use to keep it straight throughout my school day?
You should buy a professional quality straightener which usually run from 200-600 dollars. No lie! If you already have one you should get you hair chemically straightened, which is like a perm, only you get straight hair. Then you will only have to straighten the roots as your hair grows in and the new pantene (i believe that it is pantene) shampoo that they have for hair that you are going to straighten will take care of that little bit of frissy hair at the top. If your hair is as bad as it sounds it won't.

Other Answers:
i have bad hair too.. i use a lot of moose and hair spray. (paul mitchell moose) o and use fizz-ease hairspray. use a lot of gel!

I have a lot of friends who use the Chie (not sure it's spelled right) hair straightener. It's around $100, but totally worth the purchase. I also have very curly hair, but I like to keep it in curls. On the rare occasion that I do straighten it, I have borrowed my friend's chie and my hair will stay straight for an entire evening. I can sleep on it and my hair is still straight the rest of the following day. It works wonders. You just have to make sure you get a quality Chie. it is $100, but money well spent.

go to the salon and ask them about the best curl control shampoo for sell (there are many).

I have a chi straightener. It works AMAZINGLY. It's very pricey.It cost 132 $$$$$$$$ but i got the blue's cool. BUT ANYWAY. I"m sorry that your hair totally sucks.

get a relaxer done on your hair and have your stylist use thinning sheers to thin out your hair.

Try and use Garnier Frcutis Sleek and Shine. I love it. YOu can also you pomades and straightning cremes before you blow dry your hair. try Bed Head prodtucs.

control freak by tigi is awesome for keeping your hair straight and frizz free. be sure when you are using your straigtening iron, that you use an iron guard spray to protect your hair from the 350-400 degree heat of the iron (think of a pot holder for your hair). this will prevent breakage and keep your hair straighter longer also.
i have been a cosmetologist for over 12 years and i have wavy, frizzy hair. this stuff really keeps me straight!``

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