when changing your hair colour from blonde to brown what must you do to prevent!


Avoid using "cool" shades, which are usually called "Ash Brown" on the box. The blonde is yellow based and the cool shades are blue based and they mix to give the green hue that we are all frightened of. Instead. get a color that says "Natural" or one that has red or golden highlights, depending on your coloring. Have fun!

Oh. and about the pool. Anyone who colors or highlights their hair should wet their hair before going into chlorinated water. Then your hair can't absorb the chlorine. An extra measure of protection is to spray on conditioner, which provides a barrier.

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Stay away from Chlorine in swimming pools! Remember what happened to Madonna several years ago?!

It's not going to turn green.

Don't go dark brown immediately. Change it in stages.

it can get green when changing from brown to blonde, but not in the case of urs.

i just colored my friends hair from blonde to burgandy and her hair turned out just fine no green anywhere read the box of color that you want to use and follow the directions for you hair color

UHHMMM??Strip it?

why do you wanna change it to brunette? But anyways. stay away from ALL chlorine and such and use a shampoo and other hair care products that are for chemically treated hair ONLY. DON'T use anything else. good luck. whats your natural hair color anyways? keep it natural. its the best and safest way to go.BELIEVE ME. I know what I'm talking about and it's NO fun. good luck!
Personal experiences!

Make sure you use a tone of brown that has gold in it, such as golden brown. When you try to take the gold out of your hair (blonde) and turn it darker, it has a tendancy to turn "green" or "grayish". If you use a light or medium golden brown, you should be fine. I aleays use Clairol Nice 'n Easy. Pick one of these: 116A Natural Light Golden Brown or 114A Natural Lightest Golden Brown . Those two should be fool-proof. Good luck!

Use any type and color of dye you want, but just stay away from ash colors! Try cool or warm shades. I'd say a warm shade would be the safest, but adds some red tones if you're okay with that.

The reason certain hair colors look green is because they are "ash tones" and contain a green base. If you are coloring your hair yourself the best way to prevent this is to use either a "neutral" color (equal parts warm tones and cool tones) or use only a "warm" color with a base of yellow, gold or orange. Honestly, the best way to prevent color mishaps is to have your hair professionally colored, don't try to do it yourself. Good luck.

Let me help you out here a NATURAL shade is blue based hence blue plus yellow (blonde) makes GREEN!! You must use something with a gold in it to tone down the blue. Use a golden brown or go to a beauty school it is cheap and safer than doing it yourself. If you mess it up corrective color in a salon is charged by the hour and usually starts @ $85 per hour.

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