What is the meaning of life?!


I think I read about this somewhere and it had something to do with unicorn blood.

Other Answers:
There is none.

To do enough good on earth so that when you die, you don't go to hell.


I think we each have a different meaning of life, we each have a different reason for being here. It is our job to figure out what that reason is. I think mine is to help people yours can be to be a rocker, or to preach the gospel, whatever your destination is is the meaning oif life.

What ever you want it to mean for you

have fun..

To know God and serve Him.

Life, is a series of dogs (or cats).

to realize that you are not body or mind but the ever blissfull soul.

check the following sites for info on meditation. you don't know how wonderfull it is!

It is all about helping others and therefore making your existence worthwhile. Think about it. Why be here if you are not going to make a difference? Just do what you can to leave this world a little better than you found it.

comon ru enough free to waiste ur time asking qustons like this

I think it Effort. The effort to do your best to be happy (everyday and not only once in a while), I mean, manage to be happy althought pain and suffering and problems. Also a combination of being a good person so u can be proud of yourself.

lovig, caring, happiness, joy, sadness, madness, craziness, friends, enimiesetc

We never get what we want,
we never want what we get,
we never have what we like,
we never like what we have,
and still we Live & Love.
This is Life..

if you want answer to this question..ask your heart!

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