do you think having a foreskin is hot?!


LMAO breakfast sausage. thats a stupid question its like saying is farting an art of sound and smell?.

or we should ask you this. Is having no testicles hot?.

Stupid is stupid does.

Other Answers:
no it looks like a breakfast sausage

HELL YEAH!! it more to play with ;0)

Hell no plus its unsanitary. Clip it before you stick it.

no i like them cut



eew! I wont even touch a guy if he has foreskin!

That is kind of an awkward question. but to answer it. Is it hot? Probably for the man, i'm sure it is all sweaty. Is it sexy.well to me it does not matter. Foreskin or not? Who really cares. As long as everything is kept clean and not smelly then it's all right.but if you have **** rott.that is totally not hot

+It depends on the individual. It gives you more sensation on your unit and it acts kind of like a stimulating add on inside the girl. They aren't as common as they used to be so some people may not be used to them-that might explain the negative comments. I had a friend who thought that they where incredibly hot. It's a personal preference thing.

Only with Tabasco sauce.

No it's gross. Imagine the bacteria that could be in there.

Ok, this is a forum for information exchange. That means you are seeking information, and people answer your questions with FACTS, not opinions. You are asking a question based on opinion, not fact.

You know whats really hot? PEOPLE WITH INTELLIGENCE! :D Oh and good luck with your breakfast sausage!

Hee Hee.she said "unit"!

As a man myself i would say that there is nothing wrong with living with your foreskin! People always say that it is unhygienic, I disagree!! I'm also living with mine and can also wash under there, so there is nothing unclean about it. However it depends on the individual to keep it clean. All the best to you. Recardo

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