If you farted in the bathtub would you be tempted to eat the bubbles?!


um, no..you nasty thing! lol

Other Answers:
No and ewwww.

Thanks pretty funny..but no.No temptation there.

ahaha thats some gangsta question, but hell.HELL NAAAH *****!

No, for sure.

Do you normally eat fart bubbles?
Do you normally eat stuff out of your bath water?

Definitely, there's no interest on my part.

sorry, can't answer that one, too busy throwing up!

Not as a grown-up.

that's a stinky question and answer has to be no

i don't think that the bubbles would contain the correct flavour!! you could always try 2drink the bathwater, that might work if you havee farted enough in it!!

ewww. u did that? omg.. u r sick..

Let's see NO@!!

no thats gorss y would u? thats ewww i odn't wanna think a/b it yuck


Wat the **** is wrong wit u lil dick

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