How likes to go shoping at the mall and why?!


If your asking who, I can say I do. Only to get to all the sales. I love bargain shopping. Gives me a rush and a feeling of accomplishment.

Other Answers:
i think you mean who.. and i do. Get a lot of different stuff in one place also i prefer the chinese food there for some reason

I love shopping because I love looking through all the stores and picking out stuff I like! I also like going to get Auntie Anne's cinnamon sugar pretzel sticks :)

I have no idea why How likes to go shopping at the mall.

I think it´s the power that you fell when you CAN BUY.

I like going to the mall, but it's sad when you get up there and you see all the girls dressed in the same thing.

i like shopping at the mall because theres a lot of different stores in 1 place so you dont have to drive around everywhere

yes i likt eo go shopping.coz i can buy whatever i like.

in all honesty - i truly believe its because that person has nothing better to do - no motivation - hasn't identified purpose in life and thus goes to mall in order to indulge into material satisfaction - you shouldn't just let something from the mall make you feel happy and satisfied - life is more important than that and its a pure indication of your requirement for immediate gratification rather than just enjoying the simple things in life - try contemplation on the creation of life and its purpose and the reasons of why we are here - you'll find the mall to be a mere distraction at that point

I absolutely LOVE shopping at the mall. Only i like it better when i'm not spending my own money. But i still shop anyway. The places i shop have really nice clothes therefore they are super expensive! I'm trying to earn a lot of money this summer for some new clothes for school. The reason i like to shop is that i like spending time with my friends in the mall and picking out clothes we like and pretending to model them in the hallway of the fitting room. it's really fun you should try it the next time you go to the mall. I like buying tops the best and then jewelery to match. Where do you like to shop? Do you like to shop?

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