can I keep working out while wearing a splint because of a mallet finger (on my!

I am right handed. I would like to keep weightlifting despite this injury. I am supposed to wear the splint for 6 weeks: any advice?
I don't see why not. I continued to weight train when I had several splints on my fingers, not all at the same time. This biggest problem I faced was proper grip. Just be careful there, and you may want to decrease the weight load a bit. Not having all your fingers in a proper gripping fashion may be a little dangerous. This was my case when I had my thumbs in a splint. Additionally, I keep an eye out for any pain and/or swelling in that splinted finger while weight training. If you do, it's advisable to stop. Heck, be on the safe side and ask your doc. Hope this helped some.

Other Answers:
i cut the first joint of my middle finger off and had it
reattached. I had a pin and splint on it for months
I continued to go to work and work out just be careful.
My finger healed fine and I even can still play the electric
guitar. But with all medical questions give a nurse or doctor at least a phone call.

Why not?
Just balance it off the finger.

ask your doctor.

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