I own a business where I just do body waxing. Where can I advertise FREE to gene!

Where I advertise now, I only get "creepy" men responding. It's warmer weather here.been to the local salons too.
I would try posting notices on message boards at local colleges and maybe even high schools..
If there are any conventions for women, try to get a booth or at least a flyer there..
What about an all-women gym??
Just a few suggestions.

Other Answers:
Signs in laundromats.

The key to this is offering free waxing to clients that you think will have the money to come back and actually pay for one. So, maybe in professional offices or to employees of nearby businesses. Don't offer this on a street pole, bus, wal-mart, or places of the like.

You could try www.craigslist.com if there is an active craig's list community in your area.

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