What is the difference between aerosol and non-aerosol hair spray??!


Aerosol= You just hold down and it will spray out

Non-aerosol= You have to keep pumping it so stuff will come out

Other Answers:
one has gas in it the other is air pump

Non aerosol isnt pressurized! like it has a pump on it instead of a spray thing!

aeresol is bad for the ozone layer and non aeresol is not

Aerosol is compressed air. Up untill recently the chemicals used where to stable and rose up through the atmosphere destroying the O-Zone layer, before breaking down. Now they use a less stable compound that breaks up in lower in the atmosphere so it dosnt destory the O-zone.

Aerosol hairspray is powered by a propellant (a gas under pressure within the can - like a spray paint can). Non-aerosol is the pump kind where you push down on a pump - like hand soap dispensers.

In aerosol, the liquid is forced out when the valve is opened. A small amount of propellant evaporates inside the can to maintain even pressure. The propellant that leaves the can with the spray evaporates almost instantly outside of the can leaving only the spray..a fine mist.

Both methods pump the product out of the nozzle using pressure, but one is permanently pressurized using chemicals and compressed air, and the other forces air into the can with a pump action every time you press the button, thus displacing the product out through the nozzle :D

Aerosols tend to be more drying, simply because there is more alcohol in them, but you get a finer, more even mist. Pump sprays are safer for the environment, because they don't use chemicals that deplete the Ozone layer, and you can use a thicker product like spray gel or root spray without clogging the nozzle.

I have one very small can of superhold spray for picture days, weddings, special occassions, and the rest of the time I use a pump. :D Good luck!

aerosol - pressurized hair spray
non-aerosol - pump hair spray

aerosol will spray a fine even mist. non-aerosol pumps out spritzes of spray

airplanes - you can't take aerosol spray on an airplane anymore.
i have been a cosmetologist for over 12 years.

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