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does anybody know whats a protime test? and the normal levels?
The laboratory scientist collects a small blood specimen in a tube with an anticoagulant that keeps the blood from clotting. In the laboratory she separates the blood cells from the liquid portion by centrifuging the specimen. She then precisely measures a small amount of plasma (that’s the liquid portion of blood), adds a chemical called "thromboplastin" and measures how long it takes for the plasma to clot. The time interval from addition of thromboplastin to clotting is called the prothrombin time. For normal individuals the protime result is about 12 seconds, but in people taking Coumadin it is longer, up to 20 to 25 seconds.

A patient taking Coumadin could, on one day, have a protime of 19 seconds at one laboratory, 21.5 at another, and 23 seconds at a third. If nothing were done about this variation, a person would have to always have their protimes done at the same laboratory each time to avoid repeated, and possibly erroneous, dosage adjustments.

In the 1980s, laboratory scientists learned to minimize the protime inter-lab variation problem by developing the international normalized ratio (INR). Every laboratory compares their protime results to an international standard and, using a mathematical formula, reports the product as an INR number. For example, blood from a person taking no Coumadin would have an INR near 1.0, whereas a person taking Coumadin should have an INR in the therapeutic target range of 2-3. The therapeutic range is extremely important. If a person who needs Coumadin has an INR result below 2, the dosage is too low, and there is a risk of rethrombosis. INRs between 3 and 3.5 are relatively safe, but above that, hemorrhage is likely.

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A protime test measures the clotting ability of your blood. I am not sure of the normal levels but your doctor could answer that for you.

have you scan diagnostic tests?

I have no idea, but I got 2 points. Thanks

"Protime" is actually a contracted name for the Prothrombin Time or "PT" test. It measures one of the mechanisms that contribute to helping your blood clot.

The normal prothrombin time is generally 11-15 seconds. Any longer and it indicates that there is a bloblem with the blood clotting system, either due to medication (which may be intentional) or a disease process.

A better test is the INR, which eliminates the variability of the PT test.

It measure the time it takes blood to clott, usually given to people on blood thinning regimins for heart desease.

It is a Prothrombin time.It measures how fast your blood
coagulates.Normal range is usually 10.0-13.4 and the INR should be between 2.0-3.0. Check with your physcian for
the level he wants you to maintain.

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