how can i talk to my mom?!

i've always been a tomboy and im kinda growing out of it, i've had a couple boyfriends and my parents know that and they sometimes make fun of me for it and every time my school has a dance and i dress up they make fun of me because i used to wear boys' clothes and now i want to start wearing makeup, not a lot, just a little, maybe just so a guy would notice me once in awhile, but i dont know how to tell my mom that i want some makeup because its so awkward, i dont really ever talk to my parents about anything, they found out on their own about my boyfriends and so now i just need some advice on how to ask for makeup..please help.thanks!
Don't think and stress about it so much. Complement your mom on her makeup and ask her if she thinks the same thing would look good on you. Chances are it will since you both probably have similar skin tone and features. She'll help you out. When I was younger, I wondered the same thing since my mom and i didn't have very good communication, and I couldn't drive yet, so I couldn't just run to the store by myself. Now my mom and I still trade lipstick colors, or go makeup shopping, or ask where that eyeshadow is from. Just break the ice and take it from there. Even tomboys love lipgloss way deep down!

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just talk to her. parents are easier to talk to than people think. they were young once too.

Tell your mother you are growing out of your tomboy phase and you are beginning to mature I was a tomboy when I was younger and my mother had quite a time going through the transition of me wanting to date the boys instead of just hang out with him. I just convinced my mom into letting use some of her makeup and then worked her up to buying me some of my own good luck hun!

She's probably been hoping for this, so just say, "Mom, I need your help"

She will be happy to help you..Don't be freaked.

just tell her

Get confident and talk to her. Parents can respond differently sometimes. They were young once too, so they'll understand. Good luck!

I was a tomboy too. I never wore a tank top until I was 15. When I did people always made comments on my boobs. Which made me feel uncomfortable. But over time I started to feel more secure with myself. I believe if it makes you feel good about yourself then GO FOR IT! The makeup issue however, maybe you could get some from a friend or you can get it at dollar stores for cheap, it's a start. Good Luck! Don't let others get you down!

Well how old are you? It sounds like you are definitely old enough. If you want to wear makeup because you want to feel pretty, that's great! If you dont want to wear makeup but want to attract boys and think you need it, that's different. I would say something to you mom about how you would like to look a little more grown up and you need her help. Maybe you can ask her to take you for a makeup lesson at a local salon or spa. It is really important to do it right, or you end up looking like Ashlee Simpson. Your mom would probably be happy to help you. I know it can be hard to talk to your parents, but they would probably be thrilled to hear a little bit about how you are feeling about stuff straight from you. Take a deep breath and just ask. It's really no big deal, which you will find out!

i was like you waaay back. however i didn't get any bfs since i push them away. lol
my mom always teased me whenever we go to a formal event(since that was the time i let my hair down and wear make up and girly stuff).but of course, like you, i grew out of it. i asked my mom to make me look nice. thankfully she didn't have a fit. lol
you could tell your mom that you want to use some make up now.after all, you're a girl and it's natural for girls to wear make up. why don't you try asking her to buy you a tub of blush? a blush won't shock your mom since it's not that much(unless of course you ask for a shade that's too strong).
don't worry, it's a part of growing up with girls.moms would understand.don't hesitate to tell her.
*wink* and i think that they're just happy for you that's why they tease's like, they're the ones feeling great that you're soon going to be a lady. *wink

open your mouth and speak

If you don't feel comfortable talking to your mom directly about wanting to buy some makeup, you may want to try writing her a little note explaining how you feel.

In your note let her know that you are feeling a little sensitive about the whole issue and you will appreciate not being teased. Tell her that it is important to you that you all do this together. (Flattery always helps so pay her a compliment as well). Read it over a couple of times before you give it to her to make sure it is what you want to say.

Believe me, she will come running to you. She has been waiting for this moment since the day you were born.

sweetie how old are you? if you want to than do it, you dont need to talk to them, go to the store and buy sum and wear it!!

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