Are these the first signs of Charlton Heston Alzheimer's is getting bad?!

He dresses as Moses and tries to bring all the Mexicans into this country across the Rio Grande.

He tells the nurses to get their hands off of him and calls them damn dirty apes.

He runs out of the food court in the mall screaming the corn dogs are people, the corn dogs are people!
It's really cruel to make fun of people who can't help themselves. It's also immature. Have some compassion for this man's family.
My father has AD and trust me, there's nothing funny about watching someone be erased.

Other Answers:
Good morning.He is a good actor, isn't he? hehehe

From I heard, it is the public who is STILL obsessing over his role in The Ten Commandments.He only remembers bits and peices of the film.

Don't forget he wanders around lost in Palm Springs for 40 days.

Corn dogs are people..sounds about right.

Maybe that we are forgetting who Charltoh Heston is.
no sorry .
It should be the other way around for Alzheimer's.

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