Ladies what do you consider an average size for a penis?!


6 Inches. Anything smaller is too small, anything bigger is a pleasure.

Other Answers:

6 inches is considered to be the average size, I dont have any complaints!

14.nah probably 10 or 8, not sure lol

How would I know? I've never seen one!

7 inches

apparently average is 6


Average size is 5-6 inches

6 inches is the average size

7..size doesnt really matter though because I've had a 13 that couldnt do anything for me.



8 to 10

According to health books I am studying the average size is now 5 inches, mind you size isn't everything technique, knowledge, affection & width are more important

To you and all the other stupid people that ask this question your must not be long enough if you have to ask. Get a life out side your pants.

6-7 inches but its not the size but how u use it that counts

a lot bigger than ul eva b

Well being a gay guy I guess I can answer this too :S

6 is average, 8 is better :D
But mine's a modest 5.5" and no-one's complaining :D
Me :D

6-7 inches

7 but my husband is so much bugger

The average size for a male penis is 5 1/2 ins. erect, but real women (like me) don't care about size! We only want you to make us feel good! : )

if it makes you feel better, you can always measure the same way you measure a cat's tail : bunghole to tip! That should give you a few more inches..

penis size change all the time. so the average is 4 to 7 inches.

I don't know, what do YOU think?.this is the most boring worn-out question this whole year (so far).ENOUGH ALREADY!

i think thickness important then length

Somewhere in between the largest and the smallest.


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