Any advice? I've been on the pill for 5 years.?!

I've been on the pill for 5 years and I'm thinking about getting off of it. I just don't want to have any complications when I try to get pregnant or get cancer. I've spoken with my Gyno. and she said there's nothing wrong with being on it for a long time. Should I get off of it for health issues or continue to stay on it until I want to get pregnant?
There are health risks involved with any type of contraceptive. If your gyno is saying that it is ok but you don't feel comfortable with that,then get a second opinion.
I was on the pill for 6 years,and when I did want to get pregnant,I had problems with my ovulation cycles and finally ended up on fertility drugs to help to regulate my periods so I could get pregnant. Even at that it still took 7 months. Your choice though.

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Get off of it and practice abstinence. It's free and has no adverse hormone effects.

I dont think theres any bad long term effects, for most women. Ive been on mine a long time too. I plan to stay on it until time to be pregnant so I dont have to go through the worries of sex without being on the pill. Even with condoms and everything. Its an easy thing to do.
It also helps me with my skin and weight.

LOL!! No adverse hormone effects from abstinence? You mean like denying yourself something that ALL humans need and having a build up of estrogen and other hormones because youre not releasing them? Or you mean no side effects, like depression and neglecting your bodies needs? Hmm, suonds like a great time! Sign me up!

I suppose your doctor would know best, right? So, then, if you were aware of all possible consequences when you started taking them, and aware of all possible consequences during the last 5 years..well, that knowledge hasn't changed a bit, has it?
I think your biggest problem coming off the pill now OR later would be that it could take several months for your body to BE ABLE to conceive (like a year or more). On the other hand, there are the women who DO conceive WHILE on the pill..
Do whatever you think is appropriate :-)

Get off of it! My ex mother in law works in that field and is a high paying offical, goes and does many speeches a month all over US, she has told me after 5 years (at most) to get off of the patch, pill, whatever you take. Stay off it for at least a year. You will have mood changes, your body will feel different, but that is your body trying to get back to normal, to be itself again without a chemical controling it. Your cycles will differ from month to month, but dont worry, this again is you getting back to normal.. just becareful, use protection at all times. As for any problems getting pregnant, I have not been told of any, it took me about 6 months to get pregnant once I got off the pill. and she is now a beautiful healthy smart 2 year old.
Margret Coffman

I was on the pill for 6 years and I got breast cancer that was hormone fed, I do not know if it was the pill or not I was diagnosed at 29 I have since had a full hysterectomy and I did not have cancer in my family I would rather be safe than anything else, maybe you could find other forms of birth control.

To whom it may concern,

I understand your concerns, however, most evidence supports a significant BENEFIT from long term use of low dose contraceptives and not increased complications. Specifically, long term use of low dose contraceptives is one of the absolute best ways of decreasing your risk for ovarian cancer. Because ovarian cancer is one of the hardest cancers to diagnose and treat, some argue that this alone is a reason to stay on low dose birth control pills. That is not to say that there are absolutely no risks to using birth control pills. The most significant of which being an increased risk of blood clots in women over 35 years old who also smoke. If you are in that category you should discuss future use of birth control with your physician. You should always discuss your reproductive decisions with family and your physician to come to a plan that works for you. Also, free medical information websites like WedMD are always good sources of information.
I hope this helps.
Also to address other issues brought up in this forum-
1) yes, after stopping birth control pills it can take several months for your cycle to get back to normal.
2) The normal diagnosis of infertility, and subsequent use of "fertility drugs" is not made until 12 months of unprotected intercourse without pregnancy. 7 months to get pregnant is normal
3) The increased "mood swings, discomfort, etc.." after getting off birth control pills are usually because your natural level of hormones is HIGHER than those of low dose birth control pills. That is why gynecolgists use them to treat those symptoms in women off of birth control pills.

If you are in a monogamous relationship, you might consider switching over to an IUD. They provide the same level of protection against pregnancy as birth control pills, but there are non-hormonal ones available. However, they are not recommended (or at least were not at the time a got one) for women at high to moderate risk of contracting sexually tranmistted diseases.

There are other methods of non-hormonal birth control availble for women with multiple partners, but their effectivess and convience depends on your situation. Propery used condoms and spemicides, for instance, can prevent pregnancy very effectively, but intoxication, coercion, or mistake can prevent proper useage and lead to pregnancy.

I suggest that you read a good refernce book like "Our Bodies, Ourselves" which sets out the various methods of contracptives and their risks. Then you can decide which risks are right for you.

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