im so bloated?!

someone told me you could drink a certain kind of tea to help start your period. im cramping, bloated, and being a super *****. and im about 3 weeks late but not pregnant. if anyone knows what this tea is or any other remedy please let me know.
its sometimes called slimming tea that has a mild diuretic effect.. try chinese tea brands

Other Answers:
Could be stress.. or you could be constipated..

try using a heating pad on your makes you feel better!

I'm not sure what the tea is called, but if you find one of these with at least some of the herbs in it, it should work..Fennel, gossypol,oregano, pareira, parsley, pulsatilla, rosemary, southernwood, tansy, wahoo.
It might be it was female toner, but not sure.
The Complete Guide to Herbal Medicines.

Try a cranberry flavored tea to decrease the bloating.

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