i had my period the bigning of april now is may 14 am i pregnant?!


No. Some women's cycles are irregular. Yours could have been pushed off for a number of reasons--illness, stress, etc. I sometimes go 6 months without one, especially when my man gets deployed! I get so stressed out. You're a young girl though, so your body is probably still adjusting to your hormones and all.

But, if you are engaging in any kind of sexual activity.where protection! You don't want to be a teenager with a baby.

Other Answers:
Have you had unprotected sex?


You may or may not be. Have u had unprotected sex? There are other causes but u should take a test.

Not necessarily. Are your periods usually regular? You should take a pregnancy test to be sure.

If you have had unprotected sex then possibly. If you havent your period might just be irregular. If you are really worried buy a home pregnancy test and see. (If you are please dont get an abortion.there are other ways out!!)

buy one of those pregnency checking device. maybe you just missed your period for one month. it happens..

lots of factors like stress and exercise can delay a period. but i would go and get a pregnancy test if i were you

congratulations !! that's what happens when you have unprotected sex.

before you stress yourself out, calm down take a few breaths and take a pregnancy test. stressing yourself out about it is the fastest way to cause your periods to get out of whack. just take a test first, then if that comes back negative and you still think that you may be pregnant. take another test or go to the doctor and get a blood test.

go to the doctor and get a Pregnancy test

it can be pretty typical to be 2 wks late at your age, if you get your period- let this be a warning.

No. Some women's cycles are irregular, this sometimes happen and I know mine is like that and I am not pregnant

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