how can i grow taller?!

i'm 17 years old, i'm 5 feet 10 inchs..
i'd like to be 6 or 6"1. i'm fairly active. i play some bball and volleyball. i'm quite skinny, 54 kg or abt 120 pounds.
It's genetic. There is nothing you can do that will MAKE you grow taller. However, a good diet helps bones be healthy and strong.

Other Answers:
As u r playing Basket Ball.. u'll be growing taller..

Do jumping.. Hanging from ring bars etc..
Have food in time.. Lot of water.. 'nd Be Happy always..

Good Luck

A person's height is determined by their inherited genes. There is nothing you can do to increase your height. You have to be sastisfied with what you are given.

It's about genetic

u will get taller soon like in a year but u goota wait and if u dont be happy the way u are

u can't control your height. U probably stop growing.Your lucky to be 5'10 i am 5'3 and i stop not growing

try a stretching rack or one of those medieval torture devices, it should help

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