my ear piercing got infected and now it has a weird bump,what do i do?!

its a cartilage piercing,not on the top but on the inside of the ear,i dont know what its called,but it got infected now it has a bump on it ,i dont wanna take the earring off,is there anyway to cure it?
DO NOT USE sea salt/rubbing alcohol, it will cause skin dehydration which will result in bad healing process and will burn out the good and bad bacteria, use 100% lavender oil, what u have is called hypertronic scarring, use the lavender oil twice a day for 7 to 14 days, make green tea and apply it with a cotton ball directly on the piercing gently twice a day and after wards use the lavender oil.DO NOT USE ANY KIND OR OINTMENT AT ALL. And if you have the possibility to change your jewelry to titanium do it ( not gold, not silver, not surgical steel.). Do not take off your piercing, cartilage piercings take over 6 months to heal, if you take it of and put it back in it will rip throught the scar tissue and might even get the "bump" bigger.

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Yeah, stop getting pierced with those filthy guns.

It is called a tragus. If it has a bump, then it is probably normal. If it is red, oozing green or red puss, smells bad and hurts like hell, it may be infected. If there is just an ugly bump then it is hypertonic scarring or just a stress bump from ill fitting jewelry or from you playing with it too much.

Sea salt soak it twice a day for the duration of the healing time (6months to a year) and you will be fine.
Check and go to the forums for help. :)

First off, was a hollow needle used? If not, then it is possible that the cartilage was only displaced. If it was a hollow needle, I would not worry about the bump unless it became swollen and/or sore.

see a doctor da

I know that the piercing shops give you a solution that you are supposed to use to clean the piercings. If that doesn't take away the infection, you may want to see a doctor.. just to be safe.

Go see a dermatologist. NOW.

after the infection is cleared up, take out the earing while you massage the area between your fingers, this will help to break up the scar tissue. Try this every day.Believe me it works! may take a month or two.

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