How do you curl your hair? Im a women..?!


with hot rollers usually

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Well I get a little oil sheen. And then get the curlers, and Wha-La I curl my hair!

i use a curling iron. some people use rollers for softer waves, and some people get it professionally permed for a more permanent style.


with a curling iron :)

i don't curl my hair or blow dry it. i will take a towel to my hair to get the excess water. i will then brush my hair and add moose to it. it naturally curls my hair that way. blow dring can actually damage your hair. try using a curling gel for your hair and see how that works. you can purchase the hair gel at any salon. perms can also permantly damge your hair.

I usually curl under the bottom-half. Then, I take smaller pieces of the top half and spiral curl them loosely. It usually makes for a very classy, yet fun style.

I use setting gel and soft rollers.

I have long hair and I use medium hot rollers for long flowing curls. Smaller rollser will make it more curly. Don't brush right after you take them out for about 20 minutes.

i think it depends on your hair. but curling irons work the best. I have had naturally curly hair- like you wouldn't believe. and as people tell you perms- i wouldn't do it b/c it doesn't look as natural and curling with a curling iron, or curlers might. curling irons will most likely work fastest. and i spend about an hour straighting my hair- and i love the result, so i say if it takes a while to curl it but you sitll like the result, time is worth it!


by indian refined,homemade herbs.
my guru.

curling iron

use curlers.. my friend does it some time and it looks great.. try it

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