I have dry skin on my chest what can I do to soothe my skin?!

The skin on my chest and breast is really dry. I dont like to wear low cut shirts because of this. What can i do to make my skin look and feeel more supple and radiant?
The skin on your chest area is sensitive just like the skin on your face. I would suggest a good moisturizing facial cream to use on your chest. They have the kinds that are for dry skin with extra moisturizing ingredients, thats the kind I would advise getting, like Moisture 24 by Avon.

Other Answers:
Put vaseline on when your at home rub it in good and it'll smooth your skin right out.
personal experience

Udder cream. Seriously. I use it as hand cream when I'm outside in the cold. It's much better than plain lotion.

use cocoa butter. Or you might have a skin disorder called xma. the doctor will give you eurcine cream. Or use lotion and gel baby oil at the same time when you get out of the tub

jojoba oil works great for dry skin, it's not a fatty oil so it's not greasy or oilly.

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