i have a lump on the crease of my leg with swelling..is it a hernia?!

hard lump will not move and has not increased in size
on leg? doubtful. but even if you are skinny it could be a fat nodule. can be painful if squeesed, right?

Other Answers:
Inside your body you have a bag- a bag of guts, sometimes this bag will tear- or rupture -- a hernia. When this bag gets a hole in it, your guts can squeeze out. It's kinda gross but it happens all the time to people. Anyway this bag of guts is limited to your torso. There is no hernia possible in your legs

It is incredibly rare for women to get hernias. It could be a swollen node. Just like the lymph nodes you have on the sides of your neck (they get swollen and sore when you're sick) you have nodes in the front creases of your legs where they meet your torso. When they become enlarged they feel hard and are about the size of a grape, and may or may not be sore.
All the lymph nodes on my legs were swollen and painful when I had mono. It was one of the first things the Dr. checked to see if I was sick.

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