if you could discover the medical cure against the AIDS,how do you feel abou it?!


That would be great, there are lots of people that aren't junkies that have it. Do you think that people want others to suffer from a horrible disease?

Other Answers:
that would be great beacause that be correcting a wrong being that the gov. put it on the streets in the first place

Feeing elated and having mental satisfaction for having done something to the suffering human beings with whom we live .

I would thank my lord and savior. You should feel no self-satisfaction. You should thank the lord for the intelligence that he gave you to be able to find a cure!

It could be a very disheartening experience if you sent your work to a periodical hoping they would ask for permission to publish your work. You have a feeling your hypothesis could help poor countries throughout the world. They send you a rejection slip and do not publish your work. However, before you receive your rejection slip there is a major announcement on national television of a new weapon in the fight against AIDS. The periodical you had sent your writing to also publishes this information about a new weapon in the fight against AIDS. You realize your hypothesis was correct. It would be an elated feeling to know that your hypothesis was correct and that the new research going on may eventually lead to a cure for AIDS.

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