if 15 month old has dierrhia for 7 days doesn't eat almost anything but driks!


try a pinch of nutmeg in what ever child drinks. or bring some rice to boil in water, cool and give the water to the child either will slow the dierrhia. rehydrate and take to doctor

Other Answers:
Take them to your pediatrician. You don't know the seriousness of the situation and you should make sure he's ok.

go to your famley doctor asap. turn off the computer.get in the car (with the baby) and go now.

He should've been to the dr about 4 days ago. That's too long to have diahrrea so chances are he's got an infection that needs antibiotics and not just pediatlyte. Take him in, get him meds, and he'll start doing better by tomorrow at latest.
Mommy of 2 :)

Apparently there is some kind of problem going on in the gastro-intestinal region. Child should be looked at right away.

Dear Sani,

There was a man who had diarrhea real bad. He was visiting for a week and could not leave the house to enjoy the awesome environment. He had two more days of vacation left, when the fiends he visited called me. Did I have a remedy: Dinshah Color MedicineTM, Dinshah color Indigo. One session and he was up and about!

Most babies love Dinshah Color MedicineTM. It is so gentle, noninvasive and beautiful. However, they often need far less color time than adults do. I would suggest to start with 10 minutes and wait a while to see if there is an improvement. If not, give another 10 minutes. Etc. Also watch the baby. As long as the baby enjoys the color it is fine, when the baby gets restless or turns away, it got enough. The room has to be 80 degrees Fahrenheit, or a space heater has to be used to keep the baby warm; and keep the baby watched. See www.biochakra.com for Cosmic LeafTM No. 2, Dinshah Color MedicineTM Introduction, $3, for downloading.

If there is fever not much over 101, you may first want to use the Dinshah color Violet.

You may also try Kalium Muriaticum, a homeopathic remedy.

Make the baby happy.
Cordially, India.Magica
Health food store: Kali Mur.
www.biochakra.com, Products, Cosmic LeafTM No. 2, Dinshah Color MedicineTM Introduction, $3

I hope you are home from the doctor by now. For further knowledge children should not have diarrhea for more than 2 days in my opinion. Symptoms of dehydration are: white tongue, child will be lazy, they should pee, their temples will also go in. Dehydration is BAD. Please be a little more aggressive next time.

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