leave the system
Depends on the class of antibiotic you are using . They can leave through the bile via liver , through the urine via kidney or even through your sweat tears etc . But eventually all antibiotics are designed to leave the body sooner or later. And this decides the dosage of that antibiotic as well as the frequency . The longer the antibiotic stays in your body the gap between two dose will increase and vice versa.
There are other patient factors which also change the way the antibiotic leaves the body like more body fat , some antibiotics get stored in fat, also if the kidneys and liver are not working optimally there will be less excretion of drug . Also if water intake is not sufficient then there will be a tendency to save water by the kidney and thus antibiotic stays in the system for long.
Similarly taking two different antibiotics together also affect elimination of one another.
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Other Answers:
Depends on the antibiotic

If you are asking how long that it takes antibiotics to leave your system,,,, it is usually seven to ten days.

I would say yes, but you should check with your doctor.

you have to finish the dose even if you feel better otherwise you will be back to square one

not sure kid but two points just left the system and came my way well done

A good way to recover after a run of antibiotics is to go to a health food store like Wild Oats and get a good probiotic. The body has to have a healthy level of flora in order to avoid the growth of bad bacteria. Probiotics encourage the growth of the healthy internal flora our bodies need to stay in balance. Any good wild oats attendant should be able to turn you on to a good probiotic. I take them regularly as an antioxidant to keep me from getting sick. Great stuff!

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