What techniques are essential in preventing yourself from having alot of flatula!


beno before, quiet after. also, avoid soda and don't talk a lot or too quickly.

Other Answers:
just tuck in your cheeks and it won't come out.

foods high in protein causes it..Avoid some of them and drink lots of water

Some over-the-counter medications like beano or watch what you eat.

hold it in and dont eat gaseous foods such as broccoli, cheese, eggs, beans, meat, or anything else

the main ways to prevent flatulance are to eat lots of baked beans then drink some milk. This will curdle in your stomach trapping the unwanted gas.
CSIRO Australia

The correct stance and squinting the eyes is helpful. What is they say about the weight of forethought? My friend is also quoting it to me.

cut down on the amount of carbs you eat. That is a nig reason for flatulence

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