do you need to shave from the waist down to go to a spa?!

husband is giving a surprise, and im trying to think of what it could be. nothing to do with sex, but i have to shave from the wasit down. and bring another pear of underwear! where is he taking me? any ideas!?
could it be a hot mud bath and makeover?
are you sure it's nothing to do with sex??

Other Answers:
Have a totally hairless body and smmoth shin.Shave or electrolysis remove hairs except on head.

he is taking u to get a tattoo or a piercing down there.

I don't think you have to shave for spa. I would be alittle concerned here. Let us know where he took you when you find out. I'm curious now. Hope you have fun where ever it is.

I think honeybun might be onto something

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