what is good for acne?!

what good to get rid of acne
If you want to get rid of acne, and using store bought products don't work (neutrogena, clearsil, ect.) ordering proactive solution can help ALOT. if all else fails, go see a dermatologist who can prescribe you over the counter remedies.

Other Answers:
Washing your face more often than you may wont. Using a mild facial soap test small spot like in the bend area of your arm to make sure it won’t break you out. One or more times a day. If you workout or other wise perspire wash your face again or just wipe it clean with a make-up removing cloth the moistened kind for being on the go.
If you have dry skin moisturize with a type of lotion that does not make you greasy. Sorry I can’t suggest brands. Since almost everyone has different skin, & that that skin changes when least expected. Trial & error is needed, but if you have any friends that have the same question don’t be afraid to share information & pass on or donate anything that does not work for you.
personal & family exsperience.

Burdock and Yellow Dock decoction works by cleansing the blood. Most acne is cause by impurities in the blood.

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