I am teaching a class on blood-borne pathegens and I am trying to find the % cha!

Our exposure control plan has no % of acquiring these two diseases and I have had several people ask.I am a HCP and I know exposure risks, but I need to be able to give these % to these folks.
This depends on other factors, IV drug use, high risk sexual behavior, etc. Best place to find accurate data is Centers for Disease Control webpage.


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great places to get info are thebody.com, aidsmeds.com, and inspot.org. All are great resources for information regarding STDs and other communicable diseases. You may also want to try the Centers for Disease Control site.

Susceptibility to Hepatitic C virus is greater for health care providers than for the general population. When exposed to blood containing the virus, health care providers experience a 2.7 - 10% probability of contracting the infection. Probability of contracting the disease through household or sexual contact is lower. Hep C is not known to be transmitted through contan=minated food or water.

I'm not quite sure what your criteria is for figuring out the percentage risk of contracting HIV. If reasonable precautions are taken the risk is quite low. However, if you were to expose the bloodstream to the virus without any type of treatment the risk percentage of the cells becoming infected with the virus would be near 100%.

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