a ? about my b/f ( for guys only)?!

why does my b/f always roll his testicles between his thumb and index fingure?
is that normal?

Other Answers:
good stimulation

Maybe he thinks that feels good? I personally don't think I would like how that feels. I prefer my lady to play with my junk. Perhaps his aren't as sensitive as mine, but any type of squeeze on those bad boys is agonizingly painful.

May be he enjoy this
nothing wrong dear

Um..I dont think thats normal.it probably feels good to him..i dont know

better HIS testicles than someone else's!!

Maybe he is giving himself a testicular exam for growths or cancer. Men are supposed to do that every month or so (I don't) . or maybe he is just a perve.

hes hoping u will take a hint and help him wit it

cause it feels good. a bit like you rolling your nipple!

just to keep the count incase one disappear.

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