is it ok to brush your teeth 3 times a day?!

is it ok to brush your teeth thrice a day?
Actually, it's a good thing as long as you are using a soft toothbrush that won't remove the enamel from your teeth after long term punishment. Make sure you brush your gums and tongue also, and use a flouride toothpaste.

Other Answers:
yes it is OK.

yes because you don't want to be teethlees.

of course!

They say you should brush after every meal.


better than most people

yes it's ok and it's more better that only two times.but don't put too much force on it for it will make your gums bleed.that's all.hope i could help

no, i think it is enough to brush ur teeth only twice a day after taking meal.

better than 2 Xs

yeah sure.but i think twice will be better.

Always the dentists say that you have to brush your teeth three times a day but people they are not, they brush there teeth only twice or once a day so now they are telling that twice a day is must

of course no problem but be sure not to hurt your teeth meat


Yes, and preferable.

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