Which is the best treatment for dandruff?!


Flax seed oil and Burdock and Yellow Dock decoction works by cleansing the blood.

Other Answers:
Keep changing shampoos until you find the one that works for you. If it is very serious dandruff, see a dermatologist.

what a co-incidence..do you have a dandruff too,,,? well,,,,i used a medical shampoo for that..it is available in our country but i don't know on the other countries.and also try to ask a doctor's recomendation

Any hair product containing selenium sulfate will do the trick, given enough time. Common brands (atleast for men) are Head & Shoulders and Selsun Blue. Some brands will have higher-concentration products for more persistant dandruff.

Keep washing your head on a daily basis or use the Detergent called OMO from unilever it works miracles

ima give u a little different answer. i used to have this problem and tried everything. but my flaky scalp went away as soon as i got better water pressure when shampooing. so make sure of this first of all. sounds dumb.but its true.
personal experience

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