What do men think of big areolas?!

Question: What do men think of big areolas.?
Would you be grossed out by the thought of being with someone who has quite big nipples, do u prefer rather small.? Tell me what you think about it.

Thanks in advance.Health Question & Answer

Most guys I've talked to, or watched adult movies with, say they don't like large nipples, particularly large areolas, but I don't see anything wrong with them. Besides, I think when it gets down to it, they really don't care.Health Question & Answer

i do like them i will rather them over the small one and my phone nbr is ---------------- looolHealth Question & Answer

Any size is all good.

Some guys have big nipples too.... it's just nature... don't stress.Health Question & Answer

i dont really care, some guys do thoughHealth Question & Answer

don't think it would matter to meHealth Question & Answer

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