Viagra or Levitra, which one would you reccomend and why?!

Question: Viagra or Levitra, which one would you reccomend and why.?
I was hoping they would give me and extra inch, but if not I am good with having my solider stand at full attention. My local prostitute charges me the same rate, if get it up or not... with the economy the way it is... I cant be wasting money.

Thanks for the help

Which one will assist me in this, with not to many side effects.....? and horror stories about this type of productsHealth Question & Answer

In comparartive studies, Viagra is shown to be a bit better than Levitra in assisting men with ED. However, Levitra is best for men with Diabetes. Viagra is cheaper. The only "horror stories" are about old unfit men taking it or if you have a rare vision problem. Read the proper resaerch by Googling : erection-info-center.comHealth Question & Answer

viagraHealth Question & Answer

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