Which stage of puberty am I at?!

Question: Which stage of puberty am I at.?
I am 16. I'm about 5'11,even though I have not gotten a major growth spurt. My father is 5'8 and my mother is 5'5. My voice has deepened and I have little facial hair and armpit hair. I have a moderate amount of pubic hair, but not as much as an adult. The pubic hair has not reached my thighs. My penis has grown a little amount. My testicles have enlarged a bit. Did I forget anything.?Health Question & Answer

Right now a normal kid ur age should be at level 7.462, but it sounds like ur anywhere from 5.834 - 6.251. You should grow about .58 sometime soon. Hope I helpedHealth Question & Answer

My 13 years of expierienceHealth Question & Answer

Hmmm... seems that you've reached Level 8.43.2.Health Question & Answer

Hmmm...lol. Sounds normal although you should grow in "that area" a lil more.Health Question & Answer

Sorry if this is wierd...Health Question & Answer

hmmmmmmHealth Question & Answer

i think ur puberty will finish in 18 or maybe till 21Health Question & Answer

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