Have a question about what other people think?!

Question: Have a question about what other people think.?
Me and my wife have had trouble with this i don't like to touch or even get my face close to her lady area. We have been in more than my share of disagreements over this and it's getting on my nerves. Does any one esle have the same problem and is this normal.? Am a maleHealth Question & Answer

You shouldn't be grossed out by your wife's vagina. MAN UP AND GO DOWN ON HER!Health Question & Answer

Its normal dont worry what others say. People are different.I like blue you like red. Although if your wife goes down on you, you should return the favor. What is it that you dont like.? Perhaps the scent.? Try holding your breath or go down on her in the shower. Or do it before she's supper "happy" and only is a little wet. Maybe its the fact that she uses that for other things, but you do too. Lol. If she does the favor for you, do it back to her.Health Question & Answer

What the hell, this gotta be fake, you don't like touching her vag man.? .?.?.?.?.? Maybe you are gay..I would love to touch lick bang whatever a chicks vag man ****...Health Question & Answer

why are you grossed out by it.? its the most natural thing in the world.
she probably feels insulted and very self conscious now....
sort it out xxHealth Question & Answer

Again. Are you sure you aren't gay.?Health Question & Answer

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