What bad things can happen when masterbating?!

Question: What bad things can happen when masterbating.?
I am 13 yrs old and wen i come my stomach gets tight and hurtsHealth Question & Answer

That's the best thing you can do. Don't force ejaculation if you can help it. Maybe having a snack before you masturbate would help.
If it still hurts despite your best efforts, relax afterwards, maybe use a heating blanket, or anything else to ease the pain. If it gets too bad, see a doctor.
Hope that helped =]Health Question & Answer

My own experienceHealth Question & Answer

Well masterbation is a normal and HEALTHY thing to do. Its also a fun past time lol. But when you ejaculate several muscles may tense causing this pain. It will go away once those muscles are use to being flexed and Im sure you will flex them alot. Nothing bad will happen as a result of masterbation other than perhaps making your self sore from too much of it. And no you can't do it too much.Health Question & Answer

Hi, I think its a normal reaction, cuz now im 17 and my stomach gets tight too. If it hurts like when you eat something bad, well... I dont know what to say...
Masturbating does not hurt you or damages you in any way, but of course there are many ways of masturbating, so just respect yourself.
=]Health Question & Answer

My stomach always hurts when I come, but only for a few seconds. When I first started, my stomach hurt a lot after doing it, but as I did it more It stopped. it could be a mental thing.Health Question & Answer

Theirs nothing wrong with masturbating and its perfectly healthy and nothing bad can happen.Health Question & Answer

You go blind... =)
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I know these thingsHealth Question & Answer

nothing bad will happen.. relaxHealth Question & Answer

you are forceing it outHealth Question & Answer

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