Concerned about my penis.....?!

Question: Concerned about my penis......?
Ok so this is embarrassing but in the middle of my penis it is much skinnier than the rest. So it start normal, then gets smaller, then normal again. Its also a little brown to. Its only like this when its not erect. Im 15 and 6"1' and im white. I was just wondering what that means. Its been like this for a while. Please only answer if your serious.Health Question & Answer

Penises come in all shapes and sizes. Sometimes discoloration can occur as a result of circumcision and other normal causes, so you've got nothing to worry about.

Of course, you could always consult your doctor if you're truly concerned.Health Question & Answer

Being a normal guyHealth Question & Answer

have u gon to a doctor about it.?
dont worry on how it looks matters if it still works you know..
if ur just concerned talk to a docotr about it if u really wana know i guess
but depends how long its been there if its been there forever oh well and if it just happen i said talk to the person who really knowsHealth Question & Answer

Bud... penises do come in all shapes and sizes as someone already said.

There are short fat ones, long skinny ones, some with big heads, some with small heads, some curve and some... like yours... vary in thickness down that shaft.

Provided that it still works it's all good and it's all normal.Health Question & Answer

Never ever waste your time thinking about the size of your penis.
This is futile. God has made u this way, therefore u are perfect.
Chill out and don't worry. You can't change it. Yes i'm being serious ....
The best way to satisify women is to listen to them not to **** them.Health Question & Answer

just a guess im not sure it might be skin cancer.? u said there was a dark spot, which ireggular formed spots that arent semetrical are usally skin cancer caused from being out in the sun to much. but the skinny part really doesnt make any sense tho so im porlly wrong.Health Question & Answer

Well the brown is probably Copenhagen, have you been getting blowjobs from truckers.?Health Question & Answer

ya dont worry all ***** are different, mines smaller at the start, goes really wide then a little smallerHealth Question & Answer

Its normal don't worry about it. Every guy is a little different there.Health Question & Answer

i recommend seeing a doctor.
that is pretty messed up.
oh. and drink lots of kool-aid.Health Question & Answer

sounds like you have 'im15andcuriousaboutmypenis' disease... i would get it checked out by the doctor.... Not really, dont worry about it man.. You will fill out. everyone is made different.. Its NORMAL!!Health Question & Answer

not to scare you.
but thats sounds like ovarian cancer.
in the ovaries. of course. only if your a girl.

get helpHealth Question & Answer

LulzHealth Question & Answer

ask your dad, doctor, or boyfriendHealth Question & Answer

See a could be normal but it is better to check!Health Question & Answer

i dont know wat to tell an hour class :)Health Question & Answer

ask your dad, doctorHealth Question & Answer

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