How can a teen get lube without parents knowing....?!

Question: How can a teen get lube without parents knowing.....?
Is it possible and where.? I'm tired of rouge masturbation and I find that lube will make it less rough. Thanks in advance.Health Question & Answer

use some spit or baby oilHealth Question & Answer

I use vasiline, you can get it at your corner store, and its cheap, plus you can buy it discreetly. also it's great because your penis will take a long time to absorb it.Health Question & Answer

Buy it anywhere you can find it. Walmart carries it. Just buy it, bring it home and hide it. It's that simple. You don't need to be an adult (18+) to buy lube.Health Question & Answer

use lotion, a not scented type would probably be the bestHealth Question & Answer

get a job pay some older kid to get it for you oh use baby oilHealth Question & Answer

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