Why do I have such large feet?!

Question: Why do I have such large feet.?
I'm a 19 year old guy who is very tall at 6'1.5"! I really hate being this tall! one of the reasons I hate being this tall is because I have extremely big feet. I wear a US size 14! 14! I can never find my shoe size at a cheap department store! I have to shell out lost of money to get my shoes! I hate it! I hate my body! It's too big!
Why was I born with such large feet.?
If I ever get a girlfriend, will that be a major turnoff.?Health Question & Answer

That isn't extremely tall. My brothers and son are all over 6'4 and one is 6'7. They all wear shoes over size 13's. There are shoes on line and there are department stores that just carry to big and tall men. You need to find some of those stores to help with your shopping and stop worrying. Being a tall man isn't a turn off to women.Health Question & Answer

hi, i am 6'5 and wears size 15 shoes it hard to find good shoes and all the nice ones goes to size 13 max but I would never trade my height
for anything girls just dig us tall guy's , Don't worry you will get use to it
imagine being 5'6'' and having size 8 feet's then you could have something to complain about.Health Question & Answer

It's genetics babe!

My brother is 19 and has a size 16 foot!! it's hard for him to find shoes but the internet is good to find them.

My bro is 6 foot 4. he's also a bit on the "larger" side (overwieght)

He has not drama getting a girlfriend.Health Question & Answer

i don't think so the diff between 12 and 13 isn't that big and 6 foot 1 is a turn on for girls. You should be happy. Girls like tall guys.Health Question & Answer

Its probably hereditary. Large feet may be a turnoff depending on the girl.Health Question & Answer

Big feet mean big cawk. You won't have any trouble finding a GF, just shoes.Health Question & Answer

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