Is it normal for a 17 year old male to have a 10 inch penis?!

Question: Is it normal for a 17 year old male to have a 10 inch penis.?
My boyfriend is 17 and he is 10 inches long and whenever he tells someone they make a big deal out of it like it's impossible to have a 10 inch penis.

Is this normal.?Health Question & Answer

of course! ive seen one like a foot long lolHealth Question & Answer

The average size of an erect penis in a fully grown male is about 5 to 6 inches.
It is entirely possible for your boyfriend to have a 10 inch penis, but it is certainly not average.Health Question & Answer

I'm sorry girl, but if you've had sex with him you must be deep as a cave.
No, 10 inch penis' aren't normal. The average size for a man is anywhere from 4.5 inches to 6.5 inches. So he's WAY above averageHealth Question & Answer

Get a normal man or else Question & Answer

nothing wrong with that....i would kill for one. im 16 and i have 6 inch only. dont worry go out and have fun ******* girls with it.Health Question & Answer

I have a similar problem heh, only I have a 10 inch penis which some times is longer allot of people don't believe us but he definatly should'nt feel badHealth Question & Answer


but if it's really true,, he's blessed,,Health Question & Answer

yeah ABOVE normal. ahhahaHealth Question & Answer

Liar,liar.Health Question & Answer

well im 13 and mines 7 1/2 but thats really long too lol and no it isnt.Health Question & Answer

no not even close to normalHealth Question & Answer

too bigHealth Question & Answer

Ouch!Health Question & Answer

what a funnyHealth Question & Answer

no it isn't, that's like a man having a 3 inch penisHealth Question & Answer

hes lucky to be well hungHealth Question & Answer

have you actually seen it.? it could just be all hype... lolHealth Question & Answer

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