What's harder a chest press or bench press?!

Question: What's harder a chest press or bench press.?
What's harder a chest press or bench press.?
I don't know why but I can bench way more than I can lift on a chest press machine. the chest press sitting up pushing forward on a machine drops me like 40 lbs. Is that mental or is a chest press from a sitting position more difficult than a bench press, thanksHealth Question & Answer

machine weights are almost always inaccurate and for the chest press, ur hands are probably closer together than when ur bench pressing so it will be harder to do the same weight.....try bench pressing with ur hands close togetherHealth Question & Answer

They are both "bench presses", just that one is done on a machine while sitting up. The machine isolates the muscles so you do not get the synergistic effect of using your other muscles as you do lying on a bench, that is why you cannot do as much.Health Question & Answer

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