Masturbation Techniques?!

Question: Masturbation Techniques.?
What is the best way to masturbate and to last longer.Health Question & Answer

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MEHealth Question & Answer

One popular method taught both in self-help books and by therapists is the "stop and start" method. A person begins masturbating (alone or with a partner) and a moment or two before ejaculation, stops. Masturbating resumes when the person has come down from his closeness to ejaculation. Again, masturbation is stopped as the man approaches ejaculation. This is done 5 or 6 times.Health Question & Answer

You need to ask the freaking interwebs to figure out how to jerk off.? Are you homeschooled or something.?Health Question & Answer

don't do its bad habitHealth Question & Answer

with your hand while standing in a walkin freezer........Health Question & Answer

a belt sander is always goodHealth Question & Answer

when your with someone elseHealth Question & Answer

with your handHealth Question & Answer

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