How many people think this is more of a problem then a gift?!

Question: How many people think this is more of a problem then a gift.?
Hey guys I'm 18 years old and I'm in pretty decent shape, Well I've always noticed I've had a slightly larger then average penis until I got older then I thought it was much larger then average penis, I was measuring my self and I ended up having a 10 inch penis sometimes even larger, I wanted to know ladies and gents would you call this a blessing or more of a problem.?Health Question & Answer

are u kiddin.? thats a freakin gift, do u know how many guys want a dick that big.?Health Question & Answer

CURSE!!!!!!!!! i am a female who recently had an experience with a larger than average penis and it was not pleasant!!! i felt like my wallls could not stretch anymore and he forced himself to make room! don't let the girls fool u. there lying when they say bigger is better. good luck ever trying anal sex ( if ur the freaky type) not going to happen. sorry 4 the bad newsHealth Question & Answer

Well it seems a bit small for your age, but shouldn't be a real problem.Health Question & Answer

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