What is the popular way to push vergine to have mating with me?!

Question: What is the popular way to push vergine to have mating with me.?
I find vergine but she say she want to take a wait, how can i push her for mating.? what is most popular way used by the american men.?Health Question & Answer

You should talk to her sweetly and buy her many gifts and flowers, roses.. and chocolate.. im sure you will do good mate..
no pun intended..Health Question & Answer

your a crazy loon,this question doesnt make sense based on your last question.
i think your a poser,trying to be a nationality your notHealth Question & Answer

i think you should just wait until she is ready you can't push her doing something she is not ready to doHealth Question & Answer

Why you not learn to spell and speak american, then you can try to find a vergine. Good luck. (MATING.? Are you human.?)Health Question & Answer

Dude, how about respecting her. don't push her.Health Question & Answer


That's inappropriate.Health Question & Answer

That's rape in either the third or second degreeHealth Question & Answer

R U A MUTHAF****N CAVEMAN.?Health Question & Answer

shes so easy a caveman could do herHealth Question & Answer

OMG!!! You have got to be kidding.Health Question & Answer

Sanjeev i know that u are Pradip.Health Question & Answer

you are F***ING MESSED UP
there is more to girls than sex....Health Question & Answer

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