Ten inch penis gift or not?!

Question: Ten inch penis gift or not.?
Alright I tried posting this earlier but no one read it so I wanted to ask I'm 18 years old and I have a larger then average penis, in fact it's 10 inches I wanted to know ladies and gents would you say this is a blessing, or just a real pain in the ***.?Health Question & Answer

It depends upon the girth meaning how big around it is.
I'm married 2 years and have large and long. Been with my Lady for 3 years, and until we had plan on getting married, there was no chance that she would get started with me. Not that I pressured. I wanted to work for permanent as well.

It wasn't blackmailing me, but when a Lady give herself to a larger penis, on a regular basis she does get stretched a bit. We were both virgins so it took a weekend before we were able to complete our first entrance for Loving. Is that a blessing.?

I don't get to use it all, and I need to hold back my passion because if I get carried away and push too hard on her cervix, it hurts her and brings her down. Is that a blessing.?

I like closeness while making Love, and with the length, I need to keep back a bit on my lower body or get a leg or something between us. I would like better to have full body closeness and total lower abdominal contact right to my pubic region against her. I cant do that either Is that a blessing.?

I can't use condoms because of a major latex reaction and married people shouldn't use them anyway, so because of the tight direct contact, and I'm natural as intact, I learned to use that high sense of feel good to get good control by knowing exactly where I'm at by feelings and I can get up quite high toward orgasm and juggle there by speeding up and slowing down until she's all good. I don't do stop start. Too interruptive
That's a blessing

I can do positions really well where a bit of space between me and my Lady would otherwise be a problem.
That's a blessing

We have an amazing powerful feeling Love life for both of us so long as I'm careful and always aware of certain things.
Needing to be so aware is a bit of a down...feeling and feel good is an up.

Overall is a mixture of both a pain and a blessing.

I like the way that my 501's and my Urban's look on me but I'm taken! Ha ha! ..still makes me feel a bit good.

That's it

Me! :- )Health Question & Answer

Definatly a curse, unless you'll only f*ck porn stars. Frankly if I went to bed with a man and discovered that, I would be a little scared, Its just too big! You need to make sure to be carefull when in bed with a lady so you don't hurt her!Health Question & Answer

Most everyone is 10-12 in erect. Remember, its not the size of the wand, its the magic of the magician that waves itHealth Question & Answer

listen dude i feel your pain for most women its not a blessing ok just dont go althe way in though or you will cause pain and that is not good ok man you just be careful how far it goes anywhere and youll be A-OKHealth Question & Answer

meHealth Question & Answer

it all depends on the girl my friend but personally don't you think that telling people this is revealing a little to much about yourself talking about you johnsonHealth Question & Answer

It's only a pain in the *** if you are having anal sex, otherwise I bow down to you.Health Question & Answer

Definitely not a good thing. If I were a woman and I saw you whip that thing out I would scream and run off. Sorry man.Health Question & Answer

geneticsHealth Question & Answer

Depends on the girl.
Some girls can "handle it"
It might hurt others, lol.
-ShannaHealth Question & Answer

not sur...i do think most girls woould like that though:)

bty:ima dude with 7inHealth Question & Answer

will your sex life can be very fun and most ladies love that. so enjoy itHealth Question & Answer

Sounds good, 310 - 874 - 8653Health Question & Answer

no way. CURSE!!!! had that experience and didn't end on a happy note. ouchHealth Question & Answer

If this is true....

No. It's a curse. I'd run if my hubby was that big.Health Question & Answer

keep lyingHealth Question & Answer

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