How do I get bigger to face my friend?!

Question: How do I get bigger to face my friend.?
My friend has been for months going to this gym and today when I met up with my friends and he chilled, he was angry more than usual. I mean, he used to punch me when I would piss him off, but I didn't even do anything and he is just constantly angry. I want to at least stand up to him some more, and I have a free gym at my high school open on weekends, in summer, and after school. What should I focus on.?Health Question & Answer

He's angry and aggressive from steroids. Doesn't sound like much of a friend either! Friends care about each other and try to make each other feel good and feel good about seeing each other..supportive as well.

I would ditch this jerk and move toward real friends. People can't demand friendship and crap on their friends thinking that they automatically are obligated to put up with it! Not!

He's too far ahead of you so if you need to make your life centered around building up so that you don't get abused by this Dick, move on and don't include him in your life. You have better things to do with your time than making it all about him. That's not how friendship works either. He's not your friend.
If you were my friend, that's so not how I would tread you Dude!

Wanting the best for you man

Me! :- )

In addition...It's turned into a parasitic friendship where he raises his testosterone by over shadowing you, and that lowers yours.
You need to stay with friends who build you and strengthen you inside. He doesn't deserve you as a friend!
Maybe some day down the road later when he grows up and if by then, he can still mean anything to You! :- )

Me! :- )

Hey Me :p !

Don't change names's not exactly the same and am proud to have you as a slightly different MeHealth Question & Answer

For one, I'm just wondering why ev1 is stealing my Me name, it's pissing me off. This is like the 4th other Me I have seen. I'm most likely going to change my name now :(. Oh well. Other me u do actually seem pretty cool though. Anyway, the others are right, he is not ur friend, tell that kid to f*** off. I know how you feel, you being such good friends with some1 in the past, you just don't want to let go, but I have learned that in some cases you need to. I had a friend who used to be my best friend, he started taking weed and acting different so I just avoided him. Hope u make the right decision.

Me :P
(this is probably the last time I'll be Me :P)
<:,(Health Question & Answer

My 13 years of expirienceHealth Question & Answer

Yeah seriously, I've seen a lot of roid usage, used myself, and it sounds like he might be juicing.Health Question & Answer

getting him off steroids for one.Health Question & Answer

Focus on your pecs, I assume he punches you in the armHealth Question & Answer

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