Penis, what shape do women like it in?!

Question: Penis, what shape do women like it in.?
Ok I got a question what shape and or way that the penis curves does a woman like.? Does she like it when it curves slightly to the left up or to the right.? also what size do women consider too big, I have a ten inch penis and wanted to know if I'm too big or do girls really just like it big.?

thanks for the helpHealth Question & Answer

Correction: The person above me is wrong. The G-spot is only 1-2 inches in. A ten inch penis will do nothing for most women. Anything over 6 inches is pretty much a waste.

And we don't care as long as you know how to use it.Health Question & Answer

yup your lying about your penis size but go over to womens health there is girl over there that her husbands penis is like 9 inches maybe she will check you out....and up thats where the g spot is buddy...have fun with your 2 oh i mean 10 inch penis...Health Question & Answer

I like triangle shaped. And by the way, if you are 10 inches I am Queen Elizabeth.Health Question & Answer

liarHealth Question & Answer

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