My height is about 5'9" - is that an OK height?!

Question: My height is about 5'9" - is that an OK height.?
i kinda wish i was 6'9Health Question & Answer

6'9 is a terrible height, you'd be too tall. you'd always have to duck to enter a room, since door frames are 6'6. and imagine the uncomfortableness when sitting in an airplane or a car...

5'9 is a perfectly good height.

Mike Cammalleri is 5'9, and he plays in the NHL.
He leads the Calgary Flames in Goals and leads the league in Powerplay Goals this season.Health Question & Answer

I am 5 10 it's normal............Tom cruise is 5 7 and he is among 50 most beautiful people in zac efron is also 5 9 just chill

answer mine plz

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- hey Brian !

- being that I'm the same height as U, I'd have 2 say yes 2 that question, ha ha
- & me 2.
- I wish I was tall also.Health Question & Answer

Five nine is completely normal, its an average height. I'm 6'2. My friend is 6'9 and always hits his head when getting in his SUV. The world is built for 6'0 so by all means your a regular heightHealth Question & Answer

The Average male height for an American male is 5'9" for a female it is 5'3.8'Health Question & Answer

OK for what.? And what would you do about it if it wasn't an OK height.? I'm pretty sure 5'9" is exactly average.Health Question & Answer

noHealth Question & Answer

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