I meeting nice womens in Cafe, what i do?!

Question: I meeting nice womens in Cafe, what i do.?
Today i meeting nice womens in a Cafe, and she tells me i funny and we change numbers.. Should i make a telephone call to her mobile tonight.?

again, how much time do i must wait from the dating to the sex.?Health Question & Answer

Ok well you shouldn't call her tonight, wait for her to contact you, and then organize something.. be nice, be gentle and give her lots of compliments and gifts..

and no it is not possible to tell if she is a virgin just by looking at her, get to know her first then think of sex..Health Question & Answer

no that would make you look desperate wait for a month or two.
one hundred and fifty years in your case
if she looks at you and smiles she has a dose and knows that she is going to give it to you so she is not a virginHealth Question & Answer

your a sick lil ****Health Question & Answer

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