How can I loose weight and get defined cheeks??? plz answer this.....?!

Question: How can I loose weight and get defined cheeks.?.?.? plz answer this......?
My BMI is 24.5 and I have chubby there any way to loose them any exercise or diet......pic r here

my friend told me a diet through which he got defined cheeks......


3 Cigarattes
3 glass water
half piece of cucumber

4 Cigs
2 glass brandy or Vodka
5 glass water
2 cucumber

8 Cigs
3 cucumber
8 glass water
3 glass vodka or brandy

Plus sit ups, chins up crunches and cardio for 45 mins

plz is this diet healthy because he really lost weight and face is more defined now......b/w he is a modelHealth Question & Answer

? Thnx, 4 ur answer x Im getn my cartlidge peirced in 30 mins!!

You dont have chubby cheeks btw.. :)
Anyway.. Thats alot of cigs =[ Pllz try to give up.? Buy patches, and Ring the QuitLine!! Now. 13 7848 (13 QUIT) ?

BTW. You need a variety of foods. Not just cucumber and water and cigs. & alchol.
That diet is incredibly unhealthy!! =[ You need to eat foods high in energy... They increase your metabolism. Metabilism helps you burn of fat FAST!! So to loose weight, You have to eat! < Sounds weird, ay.?
Try one of these 7 day healthy eating plans. You will feel a whole lot better! Question & Answer

No, that diet is likely to kill you. Literally. It's a JOKE, son. In some context, it might be funny, as a parody of a "celebrity diet." If you're believing it, you need psychiatric help.

Because you do need counseling. Believe it or not, guys can have anorexia. And you obviously didn't believe all of us, when you posted before, when we told you your cheeks were fine, not chubby, and that you're actually good looking.

So all I can figure is that you're fine physically, but you've got a mental disease that needs curing. PLEASE GET HELP!!!Health Question & Answer

Not only are you not getting the necessary nutrients for your body but your also looking to destroy your lungs and liver. Now I admit I both smoke and drink but still try to maintain and least SOME form of eating.

Now the key I notice is at the end is "he is a model" now I am not going to stereotype but models do have a lot of pressure to stay fit and looking beautiful. With that said some not all but some are willing to great lengths to achieve certain results even if its not good for them (IE anorexia, bulimia, surgery, etc etc). I would advise try to seek a "professional" if you want to try to achieve what your seeking.Health Question & Answer

i like your cheeks! uh the face ones lol :p but they look fine, it's really unattractive to me when guys smoke though. that doesn't sound like a healthy diet to me. your friend is a model so he's gotta do crazy stuff to look good, but a lot of models develop really unhealthy habits that have serious consequences over time. i mean that diet would probably work, but if you lose the weight that quick then you're bound to gain it back even quicker if you stop the diet. Personally I like healthy looking guys, you have a nice, healthy looking face, skinny faces just look like.. sicklyHealth Question & Answer

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